AntiSpam & Email Security

Belogical’s Email AntiVirus cloud service protects your business from email-borne malware and provides 100% protection from known and unknown viruses, and our AntiSpam cloud service prevents unsolicited messages from reaching your network and eliminates the loss of employee productivity associated with reading and deleting spam.

Features and benefits

Multi-layered, 24/7 defenses

  • 100% protection from known and unknown viruses, 99% spam capture rate using multiple commercial scanners and skeptic heuristics
  • Automatic and continuous updates reduce administrative burden
  • Zero-hour defenses supported by Global threat intelligence and shared service intelligence

Cloud-based messaging security

  • Bandwidth is preserved by filtering spam at the internet level, away from your network
  • Viruses are managed safely away from your network
  • Protects employee productivity by removing burden of reading and deleting spam

Link-following capability

  • Utilises both skeptic and commercial scanners to look inside every URL within an email to understand whether there is malware in the linked website.
  • Protects against the risk of compromise through targeted email & phishing attacks.

Backed by an aggressive SLA

  • Gain confidence with guaranteed performance levels covering service performance, service availability, email latency, and fault response
  • Peace of mind knowing that money back or other remedies are available for any performance level faults