Backup & Disaster Recovery

BeLogical provides safe, secure and scalable data protection, bare-metal recovery, and on-site and cloud backup of any data, anywhere, anytime. We offer a fully managed service – we will take care of your data protection and you focus on your primary business tasks.

Our Backup Cloud system backs up disks, partitions, and files to our storage in a secure data center and allows you to quickly recover selected files, folders,
applications, or an entire system. Protect every piece of your IT infrastructure –physical and virtual, Windows, Mac and Linux, servers and desktop and laptop PCs.

With unified Backup Cloud you get the dual protection you need in the event of a disaster. One side of the software backs up to local storage on your premises for quick restore, and to secure cloud servers for recovery in the even of a disaster.

Why do you need Backup Cloud powered by BeLogical?

  • To protect your data in the event of any disaster
  • To quickly and easily implement a hybrid protection strategy
  • To replace tape and other legacy backup solutions

Why do businesses choose Backup Cloud powered by BeLogical?

  • Backup admins trust our proven bare-metal recovery
  • IT Managers value multi-platform data protection
  • CIOs trust BeLogical’s brand proven track record and expertise