Greater Manchester’s Business Growth Hub supports growing and ambitious businesses, delivering a wide range of business support services from expert public and private sector partners. Recently the Business Growth Hub released the following story on the success and growth of BeLogical.

BeLogical, a specialist telecommunications agency has received support from the Greater Manchester Business Growth Hub’s Executive Development Programme allowing the firm to grow its product range and look at further acquisitions.

The Astley-based business provides a range of business telecommunication services including broadband, landlines, IT support services, as well as graphic design and websites. The company, which is in its third year of operation, is aiming to hit £1m turnover this year and currently employs 9 members of staff.

The Executive Development Programme, which was launched by Greater Manchester’s Business Growth Hub, aims to provide training to senior members of businesses who often forgo development due to them being caught up in the day to day running of their businesses.

Lyn Clement, owner and director of BeLogical worked with the programme which has allowed her to focus on the firm’s expansion through both organic growth and through acquisition, with the company acquiring Bradford-based Aura Communications back in 2014. Lyn has also ensured that all her team develop through introducing BeLogicals own internal staff training programme.

Lyn Clement, owner and director of BeLogical, said: “As a business owner it is very easy to slip into simply running the business day-to-day and not to take a step back to think of the overall strategy of my company. The Executive Development Programme was a fantastic learning experience for me, it has allowed me to work on the business rather than in the business, with the aim to adopt a buy-and-build strategy of like minded businesses, as well as enhancing the services and savings that we provide to our existing customer base.

“Dawn managed the training very well around me and I would highly recommend any business owner to give it a try as it changed my business.”

Dawn Duggan, executive development manager, added: “Our programme allows business owners to continually develop as a business leader and to improve the overall strategy of the company. With three months still to go with the programme there is more to be done to ensure that Greater Manchester business leaders are receiving the training necessary to improve their bottom line.”