For a business to grow there is a need for a interconnected phone system.

To ensure good customer service incoming calls should be directed to the relevant department or contact quickly. Employees in any type of business must be able to communicate efficiently with each other to exchange information, deal with enquiries or transfer customer calls.

BeLogical can supply and install VoIP or SIP hybrid phone systems to suit business type, usage and budget. Our hybrid systems can handle incoming calls from customers, direct calls to internal departments and employees providing a high-end phone system at affordable rates for SME’s. Contact us for more information on the phone system options available for your company.

Our hybrid phone systems enable your employees to make and receive calls utilising a combination of services including analogue / PSTN, mobile sim, ISDN and SIP; working together in the same box. We understand that businesses want to take advantage of the cost savings and flexibility associated with SIP without losing access to analogue and PSTN lines. Meaning that functionality can be added, amended and built upon later down the line to create a hybrid phone system. Designed specifically for your business whether as a safety net or part of a larger staged migration.

In addition to flexible connection options, the features include direct dialling, call transfer, music-on-hold, voicemail, auto-attendant and out-of-hours call forwarding and messages. For more bespoke phone system configurations we can provide and configure IVR platforms to handle voice prompts from a customer (known as auto-attendant systems) to route a call to a relevant department first time.