Internet and Broadband

Whether it’s simply for email use, or to access off-site business systems, connectivity has become a mission-critical service for almost every organisation. But with such dependence on connectivity, it’s important to get the right service for all your office locations.

Business Broadband (ADSL) – We provide numerous ADSL products including unmetered usage and bonded lines. Whether you’re emailing clients, uploading large files or even video conferencing. We can supply business ADSL broadband connections from low usage, cost effective solutions to unlimited products that offer little to no contention.

Fibre Broadband or ‘Fibre to the Cabinet’ (FTTC) – Fibre business broadband runs at a consistently high speed providing dependable performance. FTTC is a brand new fibre link between your local exchange and your nearest cabinet. Fibre broadband can considerably increase the speed and reliability of your business broadband connection.

Ethernet First Mile (EFM or Ethernet Internet) – EFM bridges the connectivity gap between broadband and leased lines, offering an excellent combination of speed and resilience for the cost.

EFM has two key benefits over broadband: EFM is uncontended, meaning you are not vying for bandwidth with other users at peak times; EFM is also symmetrical, so you don’t have a high download speed but low upload speed – it’s equal in both directions.

These benefits would traditionally have only been available with a leased line, but for some the cost of a leased line can be prohibitive. EFM does it at a fraction of the cost and is also faster and cheaper to deploy than a leased line.

Leased Lines – Leased Lines offer exceptional upload and download speed with ultra-low latency. You don’t share your speed with anyone so you get exceptional speeds that never, ever slow down. Choose the upload and download speeds that you need, all the way up to 1000mbps. Send and receive massive files quickly and run bandwidth-hungry business applications like Office 365. Target service availability is 100%, backed by a 5 hour target fix time.