The recent tragedy in Tunisia has resulted in some O2 customers calling their friends and family (who may be visiting the country or living there) to check on their welfare.  There are also  O2 customers who would have been on holiday in the area at the time. To help support them, O2 are applying credits to pay monthly customers for call charges to and from Tunisia.

What does this mean for customers? 

  • O2 are identifying customers who were in Tunisia during this period and will retrospectively apply credits for any calls and texts charges made from Friday 26 June through to Friday 3 July.
  • O2 will also retrospectively apply credits for customers who made calls/sent texts from the UK to a Tunisian landline/mobile number during these dates.

The credits will appear on your August invoice. Credits due will be applied against the specific CLIs so you can identify and pass on these credits to your customers.

If any of you customers have been in touch with queries about their calls/texts to and from Tunisia you can advise them that O2 are crediting customers concerned, during the time period above.