Our website terms glossary is designed to explain terms and phrases regarding web related services.

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  1. Domain name

     A domain name is a unique name that is registered to you, and only you are allowed to have a web site and receive emails in this name. Domain names are paid for and registered for you, by web hosting and domain name registration companies. Domain names are allocated to you for a certain period of time from 1 – 10 years, and after this period they are renewable. If you want to keep the name then you must pay a renewal fee. Examples of domain names are google.co.uk and bbc.co.uk

  2. Web hosting company

    A web hosting company, provides you with all the services you need to publish and maintain a web site on the Internet. A basic service should provide you with web space to store your site, a domain name (such as yourname.co.uk) and email facilities.

  3. Web server

    A web server is a computer that is permanently connected to the Internet. One of the uses of these servers is to host your web site.

  4. Ecommerce

    Ecommerce is the name of the type of web store that allows you to sell products over the Internet, with little or no human intervention.

  5. Secure socket layer (SSL)

    You may have noticed that when you visit some web sites, that the URL changes from http:// to https://, and a padlock appears in your browser. SSL is a system that enables you to obtain confidential information from visitors, in a safe and secure method. SSL encrypts any data that is entered and is therefore more difficult for potential hackers to intercept.

  6. Email forwarding

    Email forwarding will redirect email for a specific domain name to your ISP account. This is useful if you have multiple domain names and you only want to set up one ISP account in your email software, such as Microsoft’s Outlook Express.

  7. Email alias

    An email alias is the part of your email address before the @ sign. i.e. info, sales, webmaster, john, peter etc.

  8. Auto-responders

    An auto-responder is a system that will automatically reply to people that have sent you emails, with a preformated email message. For instance, if you are away on holiday, you could set up an auto-responder that tells people that you are away, and that you will deal with their email when you return.

  9. Web space

    Web space is where your web site is stored. It is an allocated amount of hard drive space (i.e. 500Mb), on your hosting company’s web server.