BeLogical custom web development is designed specifically for individuals and SME’s.

web-design-main-imageWe provide a cost effective bespoke service ranging from low-cost single page adverts to competitive online shops, able to take credit card payments and support thousands of products. Every web project is custom-fit to your budget, business and product type.

Our in-house team will work with you on the design, content and functionality. Working together we can show you how to develop and maintain profitable growth from a modern day business requirement. Below we provide an overview of the different facets of web development we provide. Because we employ an in-house design and development team each aspect is completely flexible and optional for your project.

  1. Design, look and feel

    The look and feel of your site can either be based on an existing framework or created from scratch by our in-house design team. Using an existing template as a framework can reduce the build time of a site dramatically. Meaning that the time allocated by budget can be spent on other aspects of site development and optimisation.

    We have hundreds of styles to select from as a starting point. Our team will then collaborate with you to create a working concept; based on example designs you feel best represent your company or product. Once chosen the framework would be customised to include your company colour scheme, logo and images to create a one-of-a-kind custom website whilst still working within budget.

    Alternatively a complete bespoke design would provide you with greater flexibility right from the outset. Our in-house design team helloFish would work with you to develop the unique look and message you wish to convey with your site. Our approach is based on your requirements and what your end user should expect. This design is then finalised and modified to display your custom web content.

    Wherever possible all site designs (bespoke or otherwise) will be responsive, meaning that your website content will automatically resize and restructure based on the device it’s viewed on e.g. tablet, mobile phone or PC. Meaning that your text and photos layouts will be optimised for your visitor’s device. Ensuring that your website is engaging to the visitor regardless of the device they use to browse it.

    If you’re a new starter looking for company logos, stationery and branding, or possibly an existing company looking to revamp your current branding then our inhouse design team helloFish can help.

  2. Generated content and copywriting

    An attractive website design is welcoming, but bad content can still lose visitors. You may only have seconds of their time before they click onto another site. Great copy should be persuasive, interesting and engaging to a visitor.

    Our copywriting services ensures that your company has a consistent voice throughout your marketing, informational and advertising campaigns. A clear message, an emotional impact and a strong call to action is key to ensuring a successful sale or contact from a customer.

    Using well written content is also a powerful and tried-and-true method to boost your natural web traffic longterm. Instead of relying on short-term and sometimes costly PPC (pay-per-click) or adwords campaigns, we can help you create articles, blog entries, news items and page content to optimise and shape the type of traffic you receive. Along with ensuring your site is represented by relevant keywords you wish to be found for on search engines.

    Visitors have become accustomed to single sentences and bulletpoint lists to advertise services. We can help with creating informative pages with a clear understanding of your products and services. To make sure your business is given the extra push and show to your visitors that you’re relevant to their interests.

  3. Search engine optimisation for higher Google rankings

    Results that appear on Google include organic search results and often paid advertisements from ppc (pay-per-click) or adwords campaigns. Paid advertising with Google does not have any effect on your site’s presence in the natural search
    results. As soon as you stop a paid campaign, you disappear from the front page.

    Creating relevant content frequently, monitoring your traffic results and how your site appears on Google can pay dividends longterm. Visitors rarely go onto the second or third page in search engine results so it is imperative to make sure your site is found. BeLogical can help you with keyword analysis, provide full reports on where your traffic is coming from and how your site is perceived within Google search results. Coupled with our copywriting services, we can ensure that your site has the best chance of being found online including in-page links and blog integration. We can also provide information on real time visitor data on your site and tracking from social media pages.

    Search engine rankings can be affected by a number of factors including the age of a domain name, relevancy of content on a site and how often a site is updated. We can create custom packages based on business type and budget to get the most out of your web traffic. Including geographic search results and customised keyword campaigns. All of our campaigns are based around natural and organic search results to achieve longterm keyword positions. The idea being that if a visitor searches on Google for an product or service that you provide, they find the relevant page associated with that service with a clear call to action. Not your home page or a list of services with bullet points.

    Our in-house team will also ensure that your visitors are notified of any tracking methods with relevant privacy and cookie policies when tracking user’s data to keep your site legal.

  4. Customisations, plugins and software for your site

    BeLogical can provide plugins and software that bring a variety of functions for your site. In some cases having that personal touch can put you ahead of your competitors providing a similar product or service. Plugins can extend your site to do almost anything you can imagine including custom contact forms, social sharing buttons, mobile friendly photo galleries, translation services, integrated facebook and twitter feeds, music and video players and so on.

    Since each web project is unique for every individual and SME, we will recommend any components that we feel would bring an advantage to your site or business. Similarly let us know if you like an effect or function on any sites that you visit, our team will work with you to find an equivalent for your own business website.

  5. Site maintenance, security updates and training

    Once your web development is complete and your site is online links to interactive guides will be provided to give you a better understanding on how to edit and amend your website content. We can also arrange bespoke training packages on content creation and proper usage of your site. These training packages can tie into our search engine optimisation services to provide a comprehensive grounding on how to make the most of your site longterm, how to use analytical data and tie that information into your own SEO campaigns.

    Periodic maintenance of your site is recommended but optional. We use a variety of content management systems depending on the project at hand. As these systems are fully customisable and running online 24 / 7, they require intermittent updates to ensure the system is kept up to date and secure as possible. These updates can either be installed by yourself or we can arrange scheduled checks on your website. Where our team will create backups, install any relevant updates and replace any out-of-date plugins where applicable.